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Welcome to the Irish Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation

The IDFPF has 2 sections in which lifters can compete, Unequipped ('Raw') and Equipped. In Unequipped, the lifter is not allowed any supporting equipment (except a belt and wrist wraps). Competing in Equipped allows the lifter to use supporting equipment (knee wraps, super suit and bench shirts).
The IDFPF is affiliated to the World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation (WDFPF). The federation employs a lifetime drug-free policy. Lifters are subject to testing both inside and outside of competition.
The IDFPF is a growing federation and new members are always welcome to join.

Upcoming Events

Next International Event

Next International Event

WDFPF World Single Lifts 2019
Date: June 7th-9th
Venue: Henderson, Kentucky, USA