About Us

The IDFPF is dedicated to providing a platform for athletes to compete in the sport of powerlifting within a drug free environment. Athletes are able to compete in the Squat, Bench & Deadlift in both the Unequipped ('Raw') and Equipped classes. The equipped allows the athlete to use supporting equipment during the lift, such as knee wraps, super suit and bench shirts. Where in the unequipped, the athlete only has the use of a belt and wrist wraps. Please refer to the Rules section of the site for more details.

The IDFPF is affiliated to the World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation (WDFPF). The federation employs a lifetime drug-free policy, meaning athletes are subject to testing both inside and outside of competition. Athletes competing within the IDFPF are also eligible to compete in WDFPF international events. To qualify for a european event, the athlete must take part in a IDFPF national event. Please refer to the WDFPF World Qualifying Standards section of the site for details on how to qualify for a world event.

Finally, our commitee strives to put in place the perfect platform to showcase your hard work & dedication by running events throughout the year and growing the federation to foster a fun & competitive spirit.


President - James Collins

Vice President - Reg Byrne

Secretary - Nigel O'Dreain

Treasurer - Paul Leddy

Public Relations Officer - Kevin Colgan